Backslider's 'Motherfucker' Grinds Like, Well, a Motherfucker

Philly grind goons go hard, fast, and loud on their debut LP.
January 5, 2016, 7:55pm

Backslider's brand of weird, dirty powerviolence has been a welcome thorn in the side of the Philadelphia underground music scene since 2009's Skull-Fracturing Fastcore demo. Seven-ish years and a half dozen releases down the line, the trio is finally poised to release its first-ever full-length album (their first release as a trio, thanks to the addition of bassist Jake Smith). Motherfucker comes out January 15 via Six Weeks Records, and man, I'll tell ya, it's a real motherfucker of a recording.

Powerviolence, grindcore, fastcore, hardcore, skronky grunge, big fat slabs of grimy rock'n'roll—you'll find all that on this groovy, grinding piece of mayhem. There's a serious rock element to many of these songs, which is more than a little uncommon when discussing fastcore or any of its noxious fellows. When the band name-checked Black Sabbath and Nirvana in their initial email to me, I thought it was nonsense… until I pressed Play, and found out exactly what they meant. There's plenty of -core afoot here, too, lest ye imagine for an instant that Backslider's gone soft; the ignorant grooves on "Sex in Prison" and noise rock noodling on "Swollen and Sore" alone make the purchase price worth it, to say nothing of the five other tracks that whip by in a flash on this short, salty beauty of a debut.

Catch Backslider at Houston's Bad Ass Weekend next month, as well as on an upcoming bout of extensive US touring (including a rare Canadian appearance at Montreal Earslaughter in June). For now, stream Motherfucker in its entirety below, motherfucker.

Kim Kelly is trying to think of another way to shoehorn 'motherfucker' into this piece on Twitter.