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PREMIERE: Listen to White Widows Pact's Ruthless, Deathy New Song "The Watch"

Watch and destroy.

Photo by Gianna Lee Falcon

White Widows Pact is a heavy as fuck, low-tuned band from Brooklyn, NY. Their new song "The Watch" can fit any situation you may need an insanely heavy, aggressive song for. Waiting in line at the ATM to deposit a check, but the doofus in front of you isn't going anywhere? Press play, and feel the sludgey, ripping guitars of the group in full force. The song bounces back and forth between ultra fast beat down drum kicks and slow twists into grindy breakdowns. Really, when looking for a new band to get angry to, White Widows have you covered on every front.

Listen below, and their debut full-length True Will comes out October 16th on New Damage Records.