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Holy Shit, There's a Full Video of Drake Bringing Kanye West Out for "I Don't Like" in New York City

Thank god for smart phones.

Last night, Drake co-headlined the official Sprite concert for the NBA All-Star Weekend with Nas at New York City's Irving Plaza. For the record, this is a venue that fits just over a thousand people. And holy shit, Drake brought out Kanye (and also covered "FourFiveSeconds" and "Only One," per Complex). You probably know all of this already though because you're a millenial and you have a smart phone and a Twitter feed, but you probably haven't seen the performance in full, which is something you now can see with the video above. Kanye also gives him a pair of Yeezy Boosts. So much for those rumors that Drake and Kanye were beefing, huh? Anyway, watch the above video. It's awesome. Then cop Drake's latest release If You're Read This It's Too Late, which is also awesome.

(h/t Fake Shore Drive)