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Post Malone Is Your New Favorite Gurgle-Rapper, Probably

Another day, another buzz-rapper you should probably know about.
February 9, 2015, 5:42pm

Selfie via artist's Twitter

"Fuck practice / This shit just happen," Post Malone gurgle-raps on his new "White Iverson," which is a pretty good summary of his entire deal. Like, this morning I woke up, checked Twitter for some dank new memes, and inadvertently found out that this dude spontaneously generated a rap career. As far as I can tell, Post Malone has three songs, all produced by the aggressively good Atlanta duo FKi. "White Iverson," the Post Malone song that's getting hella traction on Twitter, is pretty OK, but also sounds like he's biting Dej Loaf's flow. "The Movie," which also features SauceLord Rich (who you might recognize from "TMZ" off Key! and FKi's F Key i EP) and Big O (who you might think you recognize because Big O is a horrifically generic rap name). The third Post Malone track, "That's It," is a certified slapper.

Anyways, listen to all three Post Malone songs below, and then tell all of your friends about him and pretend you discovered him all by yourself. That's how the rap internet works.