Dive in and Get Some Money with Okasian, Keith Ape, and Bryan Cha$e in "Underwater Bank"

South Korea's Cohort crew makes waves with the first video in their "Last Orcas" series.
July 12, 2016, 12:56pm

Stills via YouTube

From the first moment they caught the world's attention with "It G Ma" and subsequently yelled "underwater squad" enough times to form a tsunami off of the nearest coastline to wherever they were performing, Keith Ape and Okasian have been clear about repping their allegiance to the undersea realm. Now, they're back, and they've expanded from simply squadding up underwater to doing their banking there. More like Waves Fargo! More like Pa-citi-fic-bank! Anyway, they have a new song and video "Underwater Bank," featuring Bryan Cha$e, a fellow member of Keith's ten-person Cohort crew.

The video is the first in a forthcoming series of Cohort videos called "The Last Orcas," inspired by Japanese designer and hip-hop pioneer Fujiwara Hiroshi's tastemaking "Last Orgy" columns and subsequent "Last Orgy 2" collaboration with Bape. You can expect much more chaos from the Cohort crew and Keith Ape, who was recently featured in Calvin Klein's new ad campaign and has new music on the way.

"Underwater Bank" is filmed in trippy photonegative and finds Okasian, Keith Ape, and Bryan Cha$e turning the fuck up on some picturesque seaside cliffs outside LA. Turn up with them, and take a swim to go get some money in the watery depths.

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