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Experimental Pop Duo Majical Cloudz Calls It Quits

"We both feel it to be the completion of something very positive."


In a just released Tumblr post titled "Greener pastures," singer Devon Welsh of the experimental pop duo Majical Cloudz announced that he and multi-instrumentalist Matthew Otto have decided to go their separate ways: "Over the last few months Matt and I decided that Are You Alone? would be the last Majical Cloudz record, and that after doing some touring we would be moving on to other projects and adventures."


Welsh thanked fans for their support and reminsiced about the short, sweet life of the project, noting fondly that "We both feel it to be the completion of something very positive." If you're lucky enough to live in Welsh's hometown of Montreal, the group will play a final show at La Rossa next Friday, promising a long set with no opening act. Welsh will continue recording under his own name, and Otto is at work on a new project called the Dahlia.

Over the course of a string of independent albums and short EPs, Majical Cloudz developed a paired down, starkly beautiful sound matching Devon Welsh's piercing vocals and observations to tasteful, glacial instrumentation, first provided by Matthew Duffy on 2010's Majical Cloudz and later with Matthew Otto standing in as replacement. 2012's Turns Turns Turns EP, built around an emotive, affecting title track, landed them on the radar of respected indie media outlets, and the following year's Impersonator LP advanced the sound and expanded their audience.

Last year's Are You Alone? was frequently devastating, especially on cuts like the beguilingly feel-good "Downtown," and Wait & See, the group's final release this year compiled enticing loose ends from different points in their career. Majical Cloudz caught a major break in 2014 when New Zealand teen pop rebel Lorde tapped them for a North American tour. One-time tour manager Neil Corcoran followed them on the trek, memorializing the experience in the short film A Lot of Humans. Watch A Lot of Humans below, and check out Noisey Canada's meet up with Majical Cloudz right here.

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