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Stories About Prince Are Like Fan Fiction, Except They're All True

Here's Questlove telling a story that involves Prince, Finding Nemo, and a stretch pink hummer.
January 21, 2016, 11:16am

Every story about Prince is the stuff of legends. He fired a crew member for making eye contact, he took out a personal ad in 1993 with an obscured photo of his face above the text, "Eligible bachelor seeks the most beautiful girl in the world to spend the holidays with", he eats spaghetti and orange juice. So wild are the Prince stories, of which there are many, they're like fan fiction. The only difference is that it nearly always turns out to be true. So step in Questlove, with the latest chapter in Prince's novella. Posted up on Okayplayer, The Roots member tells a story that involves a pink stretch hummer limo, a copy of Finding Nemo, and Prince's house.


Watch below: