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Firsties and Faves: Hookworms

Leeds band deliver what we deem officially: THE BEST EDITION OF FIRSTIES AND FAVES EVER.
November 14, 2014, 6:00pm

Based out of Leeds, England, the five-piece psychedelic rock band known as Hookworms returned this week with their second album, The Hum, a collection that ricochets between zonked out, groove-heavy tunes complemented by eerie, echoed vocals, and squally, organ-pounded psych-rock, delivered with monitor-blowing vigor. Guitarist SS—they prefer to only be known by their initials—had this to say about new record: “The Hum is really about different freedoms and constraints. With Pearl Mystic the possibilities were almost too vast, this time around we had a much clearer idea of what the record should be like and that became freeing because we didn’t need to worry about its direction so much.”


We asked Hookworms to participate in Firsties and Faves, which is obviously a very silly series. Their answers are probably the best any band has ever given. Bravo.

PS. Really happy Hookworms look like normal dudes in a band and not like . Can you imagine?

First book you read:

Favorite hat:

First beer:

Favorite instrument:

First fight:

Favorite song to cry to:

First time being dumped:

Favorite scent: First hallucination:

Favorite band you wish you were in:

Favorite Gatorade flavor: