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Heather Woods Broderick's New Video For "Wyoming" is a Melancholic Dream

Supposedly the song was written about unrealized love; set in metaphorical landscape of rural Wyoming.

Heather Woods Broderick's new track "Wyoming" is an echo-ey dream, highlighting Broderick's powerful harmonies that build and build, and eventually crash into waves of pounding drums and soaring guitars. Supposedly the song was "written about unrealized love; set in metaphorical landscape of rural Wyoming." The video for the track is the perfect accompaniment for the melancholia that presents itself throughout the song. Shot on super 16mm and directed by Jeff Rowles, the video was filmed over the course of three days on the Oregon Coast earlier this year and features gorgeous shots of the ocean. Not sure about you guys, but this video makes me want to take a long walk on a foggy beach and think about my life. Also, I can't tell if Broderick is wearing a bolo tie or if that is just a part of her hat, but either way, she makes me want to start wearing bolo ties because homegirl makes them look chic as hell.


It makes sense that Broderick tours and records with Sharon Van Etten because, although Broderick's music is definitely not shoegaze, "Wyoming" essentially sounds like a Sharon Van Etten-gone-shoegaze track reminiscent of the Cocteau Twins. Although Broderick is known for touring with many other artists including Horse Feathers and Efterklang, her music proves to stand on its own, and will surely get more attention with the upcoming release of her new record Glider, out July 10 on Western Vinyl. If you're a sad girl like me, you should definitely keep an ear out for more singles in the coming months. The entire album is made up of songs that are often about fading relationships, and people growing apart. So basically, the perfect music to get real sad to.

In anticipation of the release, watch the premiere of Heather Woods Broderick's video for "Wyoming" below.