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Are You Rrrrready (for Marriage)? This Korn Fan Proposed to His Girlfriend in Front of the Band

True love never dies.

There's a lot of talk in the news these days about how millennials don't know what love is because of all their tindering and net neutrality dating and what have you. But today, we can confirm to you that true love is definitely not dead, as evidenced by this video of a man proposing to his now fiance in front of Korn.

From what we can tell, these two Korn fans went to a meet and greet with the band, and dude decided he would pop the question in front of Jon Davis and company. He tells a story about how they met because of Korn ("we met because of you guys. We saw each other at the grocery store one day"), and then fucking goes for it. When you think about it, Korn would probably be the best nu-metal band to propose in front of. Davis is a confirmed huge sweetie, and all your friends have free range to make amazing puns until your wedding day.