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Skateboard Straight to Hell With Viennese Metalpunks Ewig Frost's "High Octane Anarchy"

Austria's premier metalpunk death squad is coming for you!
December 1, 2015, 8:17pm

Photo by Chris WTF

A friend of mine in Vienna just sent me the new video from Ewig Frost, a bunch of grinning metalpunk hellions who have played with Midnight and Ramming Speed. They seem to spend the rest of their time worshipping Hellhammer and Motörhead, and bingeing on old skate videos—essentially, my kinda guys. Their most recent release, The Railroad to Hell, dropped earlier this year, but the manic, sweaty new video the trio has just come out with provides a perfect complement to the seven-inch's rip-roaring speeds and burly basslines.

You can nab that greasy, sleazy slab of Alpine steel (which was mixed by Toxic Holocaust's own Joel Grind) right here, and watch the chaotic new video for the self-explanatory jam "High Octane Anarchy"—trust me, it rips!

Kim Kelly isn't a MPDS member but she sure loves a good Venom riff; she's on Twitter.