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Smoke, Mirrors, and Hair Flicks: Watch RKCB's Video for "Elevated"

It's a chill cut of synthy R&B from this on the up LA duo. Plus the video stars internet art sensations the Kaplan twins.

LA duo RKCB, a.k.a. Riley Knapp and Casey Barth, (see what they did there), create modern, soulful R&B-pop hinged on elastic vocals that can stretch into a perfectly pitched falsetto, pulsating synths, and a production value so clean you could eat your morning eggs off it. (Listen to all of their stuff here.) Below is the premiere of their tune "Elevated." We thought it was about sex, but apparently we need to get our mind out of the gutter.


“This is a special one for us," the pair explain. "It’s really a song we feel captures the mindset we have about creating. It’s about longevity, it’s about momentum, it’s about balancing those things with one another. Every choice we made in the recording process carried weight because we wanted stretch both our musical and emotional boundaries. All the music that influences us most hits all these marks. It’s about duality.”

The video, premiering below, is a lot of smoke and mirrors and hair flicking. Plus there's a scene they keep cutting back to which is 100 percent The Prodigy's seminal album cover for Music for the Jilted Generation brought to life. It also stars the Kaplan twins who oddly look like elongated Olsens. The LA-based identical twin artists have been causing an online storm of late by (literally) sleeping with superhero soft toys and selling them for $333 a pop as part of a project entitled Boy Toys. And guess what? They're selling out! What a world, what a world. More power to them for raking it in.

Watch below.