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Meet Fair Maiden, Adelaide’s Best Proponents of Subversive 60s Folk and Pop Laments

Check the latest video from their long awaited debut album.

If it wasn’t for the desk lamps you could be mistaken for thinking that that video for Fair Maiden’s “India” was shot in the basement of a medieval castle. Such is the disarming and haunting vocals of Ellen Carey and sparse floor tom, the track has the feel of some ancient pagan devotional.

“India” is the opening track from the long-awaited (seven years!) debut album from the Adelaide four piece led by Carey who has played in Jemima Jemima, Birth Glow, Clue to Kalo.


Recorded in Melbourne by Jack Farley (Twerps, Beaches) the album features collaborations with Stephanie Crase (Summer Flake), Liam Kenny (Bitch Prefect, Peak Twins) and Joel Carey (Wolf & Cub, Peak Twins).

Shot by Pat Telfer (Bitch Prefect, Old Mate), the video adds a simple and stark feel that highlights Carey’s exquisite vocals.

We had a chat to Ellen about the video and album.

Noisey: The track’s simplicity gives it a kind haunting almost medieval feel. Is this something we can expect more of on the album?

Ellen Carey: Yes and no, but mostly yes. I feel like most of the songs on the album cross genre boundaries here and there. There are a few stripped back, sparse numbers, which sound more medieval I suppose, but then we have some louder, fuller instrumental songs too with more rock and 60’s pop influences.

What directions did you give Pat?

“Don’t make me look fat,” which he completely failed. Seriously though, we didn’t really have a brief or give directions. I really love the video work he’s created so far so I trusted his judgment.

The cameo from the dog is great.

Yeah I only just noticed that. That’s my dog, Biscuit. She was being an absolute hell-ride that day. Biting everyone’s ankles and running onto set, chewing cables etc. She’s so cute though, I love her.

Where was the video shot?

In our back shed. It’s bloody huge and my partner was kind enough to move a few of the hundred vintage cars he’s been working on for eternity to create some room.

Do you have a favourite 60s folk video?

I actually don’t? Some of my favourite folk songs from that era don’t seem to have video clips. Just those weird You Tube videos with lyrics and a photo montage. On the top of my head some 60s folk songs that have inspired me greatly would be; The Holy Modal Rounders, “Griselda”, Alan Ginsberg, “Put Down Your Cigarette Rag”, Buffy Sainte-Marie, “God is Afoot, Magic is Alive“. I could go on for days.

Fair Maiden’s debut album will be released October 6 on vinyl and digital through Bedroom Suck records.