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Liam Gallagher Just Tweeted the Word "Oasis" One Letter at a Time

WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN? It's time for some conspiracy theories, kiddos.

I’m filling out my Visa application for New Zealand and I get a text from my friend Chad. He is one of the two people I know (the other being my drummer) who love Oasis as much as I do.
“Liam Gallagher is slowly tweeting the word 'Oasis' one letter at a time. WHAT DOES IT MEAN???”

It means our dreams are possibly coming true. Fockin’ Ell.

I will defend Oasis until the day I die. I know people hate that band, but I do not care. They were down and out, scrappy, shitty boys who became the biggest rockstars in Britain. They did exactly what they set out to do. Rags to riches. Cocaine and bitches. Track pants the whole time. Football. Fancy coats. “Man United. Man United. Man United, ten times.”


When Oasis broke up brothers Liam and Noel ventured on their own solo careers. Noel, being the core songwriter and guitarist, continued to play his songs with Noel Gallagher and His High Flying Birds, while Liam started his John Lennon-ripoff band (part two) called Beady Eye and toured with a bunch of fashionable boys who look like. I have seen both acts perform. Liam without Noel and Noel without Liam is just not as great. Still, Oasis had to die. The band was over and the sibling rivalry had hit an all time high that led to an explosion. How many times can you publicly humiliate your brother and bandmate? Oasis set the world record. “[Liam is] like a man with a fork living in a world of soup,” Noel once said.

I always expected an Oasis reunion would only happen if Noel and Liam were so broke they had no choice and with their lives that seemed like it would never happen. However, today Liam has been tweeting the word “Oasis” one letter at a time. A while ago he was quoting debut album Oasis songs. Maybe he’s drunk? Maybe he’s trying to fuck with his fans? Maybe he’s desperate for attention and knows this will get it? It worked on me. This is not a conspiracy. There is a goddamn Oasis reunion happening. I can feel it in my bones. #STAYWOKE

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