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Stormzy Has Dropped a New Track and Video Called "Standard", and It's Aimed Straight at the Haters

If you ever want to tell your critics to stay in their lane, then sitting on a golden throne usually works.
November 24, 2015, 6:13am

Croydon bossman Stormzy celebrated the inaugural #Merky show of his official Beats 1 residency by premiering a brand new track called “Standard”. And over the weekend it appeared on YouTube with an official video.

“Standard” sizzles over a graveyard beat from The HeavyTrackerz, topped with a Siri voice vocal hook, which all must be an ode to JME's 2008 track of the same name. For most of us who are used to seeing Big Mike’s videos packed with jibes, jest and a whole crew toasting his every word, it’s a turn to see these visuals get a lot more primitive and menacing: just Stormzy in camo and Adidas, sitting on a throne, getting pretty angry. No fuss, no flair; just killer blows.

It suits the track, which is clearly written with critics and haters locked firmly in the crosshairs. The bars are packed with pars and putdowns, and the YouTube comments section is already blowing up about who they are directed at. But it’s safe to assume that lines like “Man want a war, let me know when/Do it in a fist fight, do it with the pen” and “Big man like me getting parred by you, no way” aren’t just being tossed out there for general consumption. And if you ever want to tell your critics to stay in their lane, then sitting yourself on a golden throne usually works.

This track premiere came at the end of Stormzy’s debut Beats 1 residency, during which he also interviewed UK rapper Bonkaz. You can catch him on the Apple airwaves every Friday night going forward at 8pm.