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Apparently Azealia Banks Cancelled a Show Because No One Turned Up

How are we still asking these questions in 2014?
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

Is there anything left to say about Azealia Banks? Her album has been postponed more times than she's insulted people's children; she has wished "saggy white niggas" the Stone Roses nothing but excrement and death; and three years ago she wrote a song everyone quite liked called "212".

Perhaps surprisingly, people still book Azealia for festivals. She played Wireless last weekend and is playing Tokyo next month; a lot of people, assumably, still enjoy slut-dropping to "212" like they're partying in 2011. A few days before Wireless, however, Azealia was supposed to play a show at Hove festival in Norway. Except she didn't - because she didn't show up.


The organisers' released a statement that said: "Due to unforeseen reasons, Azealia Banks is not going to make it Tromøya in time. We are of course terribly sorry for this, but hope we can put a small consolation in the form of surprise concert from Jaa9 & OnklP at the Casino from with Marie Komissar, Arif, Arshad Maimouni and Cloudbusting."

It's a pretty standard statement - vague, non-descript, bla-bla. And that would have been the end of it except someone in the crowd tweeted another potential reason Azealia Banks cancelled her show. Because no one turned up.


— (@cherdelrey) July 3, 2014

Whether or not the photo is real - it could have been taken at any time of day - the cancellation is not the first, or the second, but the third time that Azealia Banks hasn't turned up to a show in Norway. If it's real - maybe people pre-empted Azealia wouldn't turn up, creating a weird cancellation catch 22. If it's fake - she still didn't turn up anyway so who cares? It's a lose-lose situation for Yung Rapunxel.

The lovely @AZEALIABANKS cancelled her festival performance in Norway because she was too lazy to take a 4 hour drive, same day of the show

— Robin the BO$$ (@5hfangurl) July 3, 2014

@AZEALIABANKS third time you're canceling a concert in Norway. This time because you were too lazy to get on the road for your fans… Wow..

— Geir Illing Nordvik (@Geiir) July 3, 2014


Don't even bother coming back to Norway, @AZEALIABANKS Fucking third time

— REVEN (@dundresalt) July 3, 2014

Has Azealia genuinely been fucked over by her label? Is she just being purposefully difficult? How are we still having this conversation in 2014? Stay tuned I guess…

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