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PREMIERE: Black Moor Tear Up the Time Machine With “Don’t Believe a Word” Video

The Halifax band offers their take on Thin Lizzy’s electrifying single.
July 8, 2015, 1:55pm

Photo by Ryan Ritchie

You don’t have to believe us when we tell you, but Black Moor’s “Don’t Believe a Word” video is a throwback masterpiece. The Halifax-based heavy metal band have released the visuals for their cover of Thin Lizzy’s 40-year-old single and it’s loaded with nostalgic fun. Directed by Jeff Miller, the VHS-quality music video is an homage to late 1970s hard rock, featuring shirtless vests, Flying V guitars and vintage special effects to match. Black Moor are gearing up to release their third LP, Brave To The Grave, this fall.

“The creative process for this video was really just trying to simulate an experience similar to watching an old, dubbed VHS tape in your uncle’s basement,” explains Jeff Miller, “you know, the cool one, who wears denim vests and your mom doesn’t want you to hang out with because he smells like hash all the time.”

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