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MIA: “Doobie” Video

M.I.A demonstrates more "here's one I made earlier" Blue Peter skills.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB
February 4, 2013, 10:00am

Remember when "Bad Girls" came out? Welp, of course you do because the video was premiered on Noisey. Anyway, the song itself, despite showcasing MIAs pan-global pop smarts, was recorded way back in 2007. A long time to sit on a banger, right? So, while we eagerly await for Maya to create music that will depress us all (LOL at forthcoming LP Matangi being pushed back for being “too positive”) here’s a new track from Miss Arulpragasam.


"Doobie" was apparently recorded along with "Bad Girls" back in 2007, posing the question - how many unreleased tracks does MIA have stored in the vault? Is she really Konnie Huq of “here’s one I made earlier” Blue Peter fame?

Scroll to 2:34 mark to listen in.

P.S. Can someone please just leak her hard drive?