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The Best Music That Came Out of the United Kingdom in April 2015 All on One Webpage

We’re shining a light on some of our favourite releases in April, 2015. Yesterday, we focused on the rest of the world, but today it’s all about the UK.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

We’re shining a light on some of our favourite releases in April, 2015. Yesterday, we focused on the rest of the world, but today it’s all about the UK.

Hudson Mohawke - “Ryderz”

People say all sorts of things about Hud Mo (“he’s really good at his job”, “what a nice guy”, “a credit to his parents” etc) but you can’t deny the man knows his way round a sample. “Ryderz” takes a slice of D. J. Rogers's "Watch Out for the Riders" and squeezes it like a stress ball until it’s all bulging and full of absorbed rage - Sam Wolfson


Mura Masa - Someday Somewhere EP

A couple months back Mura Masa dropped “Lotus Eater” and brought the flute back in a big way. It was great! But we couldn’t have anticipated the Someday Somewhere EP. “Firefly”, featuring Nao, is one of the biggest alternative pop songs of the year; like the cuddled close, drop the lights version of T2’s “Heartbroken”. “Lovesick Fuck” is a cross-genre banger. On another track he’s picked up Jay Prince. The whole thing is basically an exercise in hearing instantaneously good music - recognisable yet entirely its own thing. Basically: eighteen year old Mura Masa is one to keep an eye on - Ryan Bassil

Bruising - “Think About Death”

Bruising are one of those improbable bands who have somehow managed to make 100% fantastic music despite only being a band for less than a year. It’s almost as if, when singer/guitarist Naomi Baguley approached guitarist Ben Lewis at a club because he was wearing a Perfect Pussy t-shirt, their sonic fate was pre-written. As well as the fact that Naomi’s voice as sweet and soothing as hoovering down a tub of ice cream with a sore throat, every Bruising song - “Thing About Death” especially - is a certified feel-good banger. Say what you will about the current influx of slacker rock, but Bruising have pulled from territories we haven’t seen traversed much since The Lemonheads. They know the meaning of riff - Emma Garland

MC Pinty - “All Nightly” (Feat Jadasea & Rago Foot)

South London’s MC Pinty has been bubbling under the surface for a minute now. Around this time last year he dropped his debut single “This Just Life, is Alright”, produced by DJ JD Sports aka Archy Marshall aka King Krule, and we showcased it as our track of the week. Since then he’s been quiet, appearing on a YouTube video alongside Rejjie Snow and Sub Luna City, until earlier this month, when he dropped his first full length. “All Nightly” is one of the stand-out tracks. Featuring both aforementioned members of South London’s Sub Luna, it sounds intrinsically like an artefact snatched from the bedrooms of the Rinse FM listening teens who frequent the greener nocturnal areas south of the river - Ryan Bassil


Roots Manuva & Four Tet - "Facety 2:11"

Roots Manuva is back and he's still the GOAT of UK rap, end of. The only thing everyone is still debating about this hefty tribal dub jam is what the hell that sampled vocal hook is saying. It sounds like "BOAT RACE! BOAT RACE!", and the track did drop only a fortnight before the annual Oxford vs Cambridge flotation brouhaha. If the prospect of the "parasitic elite" cruising their smarmy gondoliers down a river of Pimms can inspire a Four Tet beat this meaty, then I'm kind of totally cool with that - Joe Zadeh

Maths Time Joy - “Cerulean”

Maths Times Joy makes subtle, low-key cinematic music. When I listen to his latest cut “Cerulean”, I’m pictured sitting on the dock on some imaginary bay, dangling my feet from my shorts, and picking off iridescent lights in the distance. It’s soothing - Ryan Bassil

Lady Lykez - “Don’t Care”

It’s kind of gutting that this new commercial interest in grime hasn’t spread to female MCs, especially for Lady Lykez who easily has one of the best flows in UK rap today. “Don’t Care” is full of one line wordplay and a give-a-shit chorus Drake would be proud of. Sure, Lady Lykez isn’t that bothered if she gets to number 27 in the charts or whatever, but you should all go and buy this anyway - Sam Wolfson

Leks Rivers - Project Nomad EP

We featured Leks Rivers in last month’s round-up and likened his track, “Nubian”, to a “bubble-gummed, funked-up Frank Ocean”. Anyway he’s now put out his debut EP, Project Nomad, so if you’re into the above description, go and enjoy a half hour or so of pure bliss - Ryan Bassil


Delta Sleep - “Lake Sprinkle Sprankle”

Brighton's Delta Sleep started up in 2010, their new song is great and the video is like a school phsyics VHS gone horribly right. We're fans.

Chorusgirl - “Dream On, Baby Blue”

Maybe it’s just me, but when I see The Cure, Breeders, Bangles and Echo and the Bunnymen all in one influence list I start to slide off my seat a bit. Chorusgirl's sound is distinctly London (although, more the London of the 80s than of now) but it’s also the sound of escaping London. When the majority of my year involves shuffling from one brick building to another brick building via clattering public transport that makes the air I breathe feel as clean as a Groupon holiday bathroom, their jangle-influenced pop feels like kicking back in the park of my dreams, wearing tennis shoes and drinking a slush puppy. It’s the feeling of sleeping with the bedroom window open for the first time in months and waking up with a fresh wafting across your face. It’s lots of other flowery descriptions you could read about the song instead of listening to the song when really you should just LISTEN TO THE SONG - Emma Garland

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