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Phoria: "Red"

This new track from Phoria perfectly enraptures the feeling of time passed.
Ryan Bassil
London, GB

As the well of adulthood deepens with time, it’s pretty rare to maintain a connection with people from pre-school, let alone be great friends. I’m lucky if I get a happy birthday message on Facebook from nearly all the people I knew before I hit double figures. Phoria must have wrapped their relationship in a stronghold of friendship bracelets then, because three of them have been playing together since the age of six.


The feeling of time passed is something that transcends through their music. We’ve got the premiere of their new track “Red”, which stretches across buoyant piano crescendos, clutching to retain a sense of clarity on a moment long forgotten. The track is taken from the bands debut EP Bloodworks, set for release via Akira Records on April 29th. Take a listen below.