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Here's Yoke’s Debut EP “Jabiluka", Make Sure You've Got a Vodka Tonic

The sound of Sydney’s spring has just sprung.
September 2, 2014, 10:34pm

Young Sydney trio Yoke produce perfect shorts-weather pop that’s well suited for the coming ‘outdoor after work drinks’ season. Led by Kyle Linahan’s vocals that bring to mind UK soul of the 90s (think Terrence Trent Darby), it’s a sound you can describe as ‘smooth’ and not feel like a complete nob.

Their forthcoming debut EP Jabiluka (produced by the Jezabels' Nik Kaloper) isn’t all Campari and soda though and showcases the guitar work of Julian Bowell and Corin Ileto's synths which move with a moodiness more associated with the Cocteau Twins and the Cure.


Though the first single “Burden” is about our disconnect in the iPhone age, it’s a song that I imagine would get play on Friday nights on the court yards of Glebe and Chippendale sharehouses. The whole album has a very ‘spring in Sydney’ feel and that of course is a good thing. Stream the album below.

"Jabiluka" is released on September 11.

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