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If You Like Kindess You'll Dig Hawkon's "Touching Air"

And yeah, maybe Hawkon sounds a smidge like Phoenix chilling with erm, Mick Hucknall—BUT THIS IS A GOOD THING.
September 4, 2014, 2:12pm

I'm gonna be honest: the publicist sold this to me as "early Phoenix meets Mick Hucknall in his lothario heyday," which is a far better, more instantly evocative description than I could've managed at this point in the morning. And don't you dare turn your nose up at Mick Hucknall. Yes he devolved into a man with ginger dreads, a ruby tooth, and a face like back-of-the-cupboard potato. And yes, he's the definition of make-your-skin-crawl creep, BUT, c'mon—"Holding Back The Years"? That's a stone cold classic and damnit I'm not afraid to say it!


Anyway, there's not a lot of info on Hawkon other that this track—the first lifted from his forthcoming EP Dare to Follow, out this fall—is a collaboration with Blue May (a chap who's also worked with Kindness). Lyrically Hawkon is clearly hung up on a love who is gone. He misses her terribly, to the point that when he's alone he finds himself "touching air," which I hope he doesn't do in public because that's the shit people cross the street to avoid.

If you're in Berlin go to our Noisey show and see Hawkon tonight. If you live in London, he headlines the Sebright Arms in east London on 9/17.

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