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Tacos, TV Toilets, & Man Ass: Check Out the Red Fang Tour Diary from Situation: Awesome! Tour

Red Fang, Big Business, American Sharks, and utter stupidity
May 23, 2014, 3:53pm

Hard rocking' favorites Red Fang is filing reports from the front lines of the booze-soaked Situation: Awesome! Tour, a set of US dates featuring the great Big Business and American Sharks. Coming at you live from the van, check out the first report below!

Some things I learned during the first 3 days of Situation: Awesome! Tour.

1: Scott, from Big Business is ALL Business when it comes to getting rad on the BMX/Short Order Cook circuit. He can flip burgers on the flat top and do wheelies on the black top at the same time! Are the kids still doing wheelies?


2: American Sharks totally destroy!! So excited these guys are on tour with us. We knew they shredded, but had never seen them live or met them, and HOT DAMN!! They fucking BRING it! Super stoked they are nice, funny dudes, too. This will be a killer tour, for sure.

3: Big Biz let's it all hang out, and there ain't no butts about it.

4: For some reason, weird hotels like to put a shitty TV in the shitter. I can't say I mind, but I did spend way too much time in the shitter.

5: Stopping at Del Taco at 4am on an overnight drive is just about the best thing you can do at 4am on an overnight drive. Now I know why people have Del Taco tattoos. That shit is amazing! At 4am.

More detailed accounts of this amazing tour coming soon!!! This situation is truly AWESOME!!! Hope to see ya out there.

by JS (John Sherman) of Red Fang