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PREMIERE: Fall in Love with Brockhampton's Blissed Out "Hero"

A ragtag, band of international internet buddies kicks at the boundaries of hip-hop.

Brockhampton is a loose network of rappers, singers and producers from far flung places—Texas, Grenada, the UK—unified by a creative synergy that defies the distance between them. Though it helps to understand them as a rap group, they'd prefer to identify as "the all-American boy band." It might sound a little silly at first pass, but listen to January's "Bet I" and the brand new "Hero," and you'll notice that Brockhampton doesn't behave like a rap group. The vocals are shared, voices intertwined, rather than traded off verse for verse. "Hero" doesn't unfold in verses and choruses so much as movements: blustery, EDM-minded trap first, then orchestral repose, and finally, a lone voice and piano. Like the courtship eulogized in the lyrics, it's as though the song is slowly, quietly dissolving. Stream "Hero" below.


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