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Apparently, Drake "Bullied" Photographer After He Took Pictures of Drake

"That's why I asked you are you me, are you me? Thought you knew about the team."
April 6, 2016, 3:21pm

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As Views release window draws closer, the usual media furor and rumours around and about Drake is at an all time high. However, colour us amazed by this recent Drake story about two men, a camera, and a helicopter. According to Thestar, two hobby photographers were taking pictures of a “vibrant sunset” at Toronto's Polson Pier when a dark pair of helicopter rotors pierced the sky and out stepped the mighty owl of Canada, Drake armed with two women in identical parkas and bodyguards. Well, kind of sort of.


The story goes that a six-foot-tall fence separated the photographer from Drake and somehow in the confusion Mr. Graham confused the photographer as paparazzi. As such our mighty 6 God disrobed from his likely custom Canada Goose OVO fur trenchcoat into his customary beige turtleneck and goldlinks, hopped the fence along with a friend, and allegedly got into a heated debate with the photographer. After asking the photographers to delete their photos “out of respect” to which they refused—one says he was concerned he would lose personal photos of his daughter— a brief tug of war over the camera began. According to one of the photographers, Drake then started taking pictures of them saying “I got you.”

* This is relevant

Some time after, the photographer would threaten to call the police on Drake and his friends, things were put to a stop. But not before Drake, returning to his limo allegedly said to one of them “I’m going to find you, Michael." To be honest this might be the most spectacular story we’ve ever heard about Mr. Graham in a while. And though these issues likely arose due in part to miscommunication and Drake's probably heightened sensitivity to photographers and paparazzi it is important to let this story live on and build the legend that is, The 6 God. Views gonna be a classic.

A representative for Drake declined a request for comment.

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