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PREMIERE: Michl - "When You Loved Me Least"

Mysterious new kid on the block delivers elegant R&B that communicates just the right amount of ouch.

That's pronounced "my-kull" dontcha know? Well you probably don't because Michl has only been around for minute, or a few months, dropping his first track, "Kill Our Way to Heaven," back in October. He then made his live debut alongside BAIO and Elohim just the other week. Frankly though, the track we're premiering below is better. "When You Loved Me Least" makes the most of this Californian's vulnerable voice and his torn falsetto to communicate the romantic ouch in this downtempo R&B tune. "Being at the mercy of someone else can grow tiring, and I guess I figured I'd rather walk up a hill then be car sick in the backseat," he explains.


"I'm in reverse now / Don't follow me," he sings. Fuck yes, we've been there. Keep driving. Bye Felicia.