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Philthy Rich, Freeway, and Paul Wall Commemorate The Jacka's Passing with "King Jack"

Listen to the premiere of the song from Philthy's upcoming album on the one-year anniversary of The Jacka's death.

It's been exactly a year since iconic Bay Area rapper The Jacka was shot and killed in Oakland. In that year, his influence has continued to reverberate, as his fellow artists have paid him tribute, fans and writers have looked back on his life, and his story has offered an entry point for new fans. The Jacka was beloved for his candor, down-to-earth persona, and emotional honesty, all traits that artists have been quick to point to in remembering him.


All of those come across in the tribute "King Jack," released in honor of the one-year anniversary of his passing, which features four clips of The Jacka talking about topics such as rappers' arrogance and his Muslim faith. The song is three verses, all from former collaborators: Philthy Rich, Freeway, and Paul Wall.

"You niggas sipping lean trying to be Jack / you don’t really know about the intellect," Philthy Rich raps, calling to mind his 2013 collaboration with The Jacka and Joe Blow, "Sip My Pain Away." Freeway, who notes in the song that he's recording his verse on The Jacka's birthday, was one of The Jacka's closest musical partners in recent years, having worked with him on the joint mixtape Write My Wrongs and album Highway Robbery. And Paul Wall, who worked with The Jacka several times over the years, including an appearance on Highway Robbery, memorializes him alongside peers Pimp C and Mac Dre (Paul Wall also payed homage to The Jacka on last year's "Steady Mobbin").

“He was very humble and genuine. That’s very hard to find in people these days," Philthy Rich said of The Jacka, a spirit that's memorialized in this song. The track is off of Philthy Rich's upcoming album Real Niggas Back in Style, which comes out February 26. Listen to it below and pour one out for The Jacka.

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