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DJ Khaled Reveals ‘Major Key’ Album Cover Which Is the Greatest Album Cover Maybe Ever

He’s in the jungle! There’s a lion! So many flowers!

Last night on Kimmel, world’s greatest rapper DJ Khaled unveiled the cover to his latest album, Major Key. It features the man himself sitting in a throne in the middle of what appears to be a jungle, while a lion lies prone at his feet. He is surrounded by flowers. It is the greatest album cover of all time. Hush.

“100 percent… authentic. What I represent," he told Kimmel in the video below. "From my spiritual vibes to my beliefs. And that is a certain energy that I keep around me: positivity. But at the same time, as a king. You know what I’m saying.”


At this point Kimmel agrees: “Right. As a king. Yeah. A positive king!” Do not be fooled by this. Kimmel does not understand. “A don!” DJ Khaled fires back. “Special cloth alert!”

All of that—the special cloth alert, the positive king vibes, the don aesthetic—is there on the greatest album cover ever witnessed. I don’t just want to buy this on vinyl, I want to buy this moment. I want to purchase time. I don’t believe that this was staged and photographed like album covers by lesser artists. I believe that DJ Khaled was just sitting on a throne in the middle of a jungle, surrounded by flowers, while a lion chilled at his feet. It is his natural state of being.


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