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MUNA Are Doing It for Themselves: Here's the Video for "Loudspeaker"

The LA trio have released just one EP of pop perfection, but this new video will cement their rep as a gang you'll wanna be a part of.

We're pretty obsessed with MUNA over here. Their debut EP is one of the most cohesive, catchy, and cool collections from a rising band this year—combining the heady rush of Haim, Fleetwood Mac's melodic nous, and a power pop magic dust all their own. We caught the trio live the other week and it's with great relief that we can confirm they also kick serious ass live. So far the LA based band have only released one music video—for the heart-twisting coming of age melancholy of "Winterbreak"—so we're super stoked to reveal their next video for the EP's title track. The visuals, premiering below, perfectly embody the ballsy brilliance of this soaring anthem. Rolling deep with their crew, the look is very Matrix-meets-club kid. They're here to wreck shit and dance around and shave their heads and revel in the beauty of being young and being able to harness the hurt and overcome. That magic hour horizon? It stretches to infinity and then some. At first they might look intimidating, but truly their vibe is utterly all inclusive.


"This video was a very collaborative process between us and the director, Zaiba Jabbar," explain MUNA. "We wanted to portray ourselves and our friends as empowered anti-heroines who reclaim a space to explore and be free. As one of the few self-produced girl bands signed to a major, we have learned to be as self assured as we are self-sufficient—and we’ve learned to thrive on that. Breaking into a building and claiming it as our own is kind of a metaphor for that experience. Though the song deals with using one's voice to recover from different forms of abuse, we were interested in filling this video with triumphant imagery rather than imagery of subjugation.

"It was also important for us to include people in the video who have found their own mediums for self-expression in spite of a multiplicity of silencing forces. Anaka, Pierre, Phoenix, Jasmine, Arin, Sarah, and Ashlen are writers, photographers, designers, poets, musicians, and general creatives that inspire us and our music, so it felt right to pay homage to that in the video. Having a community filled with people we can be open with without shame has allowed us to grow into the band we are today."

Let "Loudspeaker" be your anthem of the summer: drive fast, kiss hard, and love harder.