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Here Are All the Smart-Dumb Bars from Drake's 'VIEWS'

“I’m a staple in the game, all my paper's together”

Drake's new album VIEWS is officially out, and it is definitely an album. An album full of songs. Songs full of rapping and singing. Rapping and singing that is full of words and emotions. Words and emotions that are sometimes serious but sometimes silly. We've been listening rabidly to the album since the release overnight, and we're struck as much by the bars that sat well as the ones that didn't. Here are all the quirky lines and bad puns from VIEWS that are bound to clog up the feeds of your favorite Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter basics in the days to come. BADMAN TING INNIT.


"Keep the Family Close"

“Always saw you for what you could've been ever since you met me / Like when Chrysler made that one car that looked just like the Bentley”

“I knew you before you made ends meet and now we’re meeting our ends”


“And I turn the six upside down, it's a nine now”

"U With Me?"

“You tell me that I'm confusin' / More immature than Marques Houston / Cuts too deep for a band-aid solution”

“L-O-L-O-L I’m glad you find this shit amusing”

“You toying with it like Happy Meal”


“Last year I know you learned your lesson / I could GPS ya if you need addressin”

“That boy light as Michael Jackson / But off verses he been blackin”

“I don’t take this shit for granted / I do my own propaganda”

"Weston Road Flows"

“You number one and I'm Eddie Murphy we Trading Places / Lookin' in the mirror I'm closer than I really appear / Creepin' like Chilli without the Tender, Love and Care”

“Your best day is my worst day, I get green like Earth Day / You treat me like I'm born yesterday, you forgot my birthday”

“You platinum like wrappers on Hershey's, boy, that shit is worthless”

“It's raining money, Oklahoma City Thunder”

“I used to hit the corner store to get to Tahiti treat / Now the talk of the corner store is that I'm TBE / The best ever, don't ever question, you know better”

“First take Drake / you know I rarely have to take two it”

“Looking at the mirror I’m closer than I really appear / Creeping like Chilli without the Tender Lovin’ Care”



“Since Take Care, I’ve been care takin’”

"With You"

“Mixing vodka and emotions, tapping into your emotions / Dry cry cause I'm hopeless”


“Have you coming all summer like a season pass / I want to turn you out like pitch black”

“Cause you talk like you got what I need / You talk like you got the juice and the squeeze”

"Still Here"

“All you niggas fighting over crumbs, where the bread at?”


“I pull up in yachts so big that they try to hit me with boat fines”

"Childs Play"

“Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake? You know I love to go there”

“Say I’m acting lightskin, I can’t take you nowhere”

“My past checkered like the Louis you just got”

"Pop Style"

“Got so many chains call me Chaining Tatum”

“Girl, let me rock, rock, rock, rock, rock your body / Justin Timberlake and then I hit the highway”

"Too Good"

“My friends always feel the need to tell me things”

“Last night I got high as the expectations”

“Years go by too fast, I can't keep track / How long did we last? I feel bad for asking”

"Fire & Desire"

“Told you I got z’s for these other girls sleepin' on him / Girl I'm sleepy”


“And my wifey a spice like David Beckham”

"Fuck being all buddy buddy with the opposition / It's like a front of the plane, nigga, it's all business / But I haven’t flown with y’all boys in a minute"

“Niggas quick to double cross like the both of us Christians”

“You don't worry 'bout fitting in when you custom made”

“Tipping scales, bars heavy like triple XL”

“And like it’s going in a trunk, I put it all behind us”

“I’m a staple in the game, all my paper's together”

“It’s far fetched like I threw that shit a 100 meters / I keep it a hundred like I’m running a fever”