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Watch Ian’s Celebration of Twelve Months Together

After a cross country relocation, the fuzzy bedroom popsters look to continue their buzzy momentum at SXSW.
March 4, 2015, 1:46am

What began as a solo project for Jilian Medford, Ian are now a three piece band who have just celebrated their one-year anniversary.

It’s been a big twelve months for the fuzzy bedroom poppers. They’ve relocated across the USA, gone on three tours, eaten a lot of donuts, climbed rocks and worn crocs.

To celebrate they’ve just released a video for their track “If You’re Cryin” which we are premiering below.


Originally from Los Angeles, Medford moved to Boston to study at the prestigious Berklee School of Music but has brought her band back home to LA with her.

We had a quick chat to Jilian about the video and cross-country moves

Noisey: Did that guy just throw a fish?!
Jilian Medford: Yes! That was at Pikes Place Market in Seattle. Apparently if someone buys a fish they throw the thing around like a basketball. It was entertaining for a second then the concept became super strange and depressing!

The video looks fun and upbeat though the song title and the sentiment seems kind of down. Was this deliberate?
This song is actually one of the more positive songs I have written. If someone that I'm close is crying I automatically start crying. It’s like when people see other people throw up and they get so freaked out they just start throwing up too. It's like that but way less gross or maybe just as gross. It depends on whose doing it.

You have been having some issues with your name. What is the current update?
We will be changing our name soonish just because it has gotten a little bit difficult for people to find our music and get in contact with us. So we will be changing it later this year probably. Do you have any ideas?!

I’ve heard about a lot of bands relocating to LA from the Bay Area but you are the first I know from Boston.
Coming to LA has been a huge stepping-stone for us. But Boston's DIY community is unlike anything we've ever seen. We were lucky enough to be involved in so much there and owe a lot to Ben Katzman of Bufu records for putting out our first release. LA is just a lot bigger and sunnier all the time. The DIY community thrives tremendously here also. People have been so welcoming and enthusiastic about our music and shows. The simple answer would be sun and access to things we did not have access to in Boston!

Who is your favourite Ian? MacKaye?
So many Ian’s. MacKaye is definitely up there but we'd have to say Ian Curtis from Joy Division is the most babely ever. "Loooooove, lovee will tear us apart again!!”

Catch Ian at South By South West festival March 17- 22.