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RAM Celebrate a Decade of Death, Iron, and Heavy Metal Tyranny on 'Svbversvm'

Bang your head or lose it!
October 27, 2015, 4:53pm

Photo courtesy of Metal Blade

I love extreme metal in all its blackened, deathy, grindy, doomy, gory glory, but there's a lot to be said for bands that choose a more traditional path. The world needs heavy metal just as much as it needs experimental gothic doom or progressive grindcore, and if you're in need of a fix, Swedish speed lords RAM's latest album for Metal Blade (their fourth overall) is just what the doctor ordered.

Each track on the nearly hour-long album is a master class in traditional heavy metal (dosed with just a snort of vintage speed) that promises to bang the head that does not bang, from "The Usurper" (which liberates that combination of words from their Celtic Frost-forged chains to deliver a fist-pumpiung revenge anthem) to the sky-scraping falsetto vocals and wailing NWOBHM licks on the title track.

In short, it rules. Dig Portrait? Love Natur? Stoked for Judas Priest's next tour? Do yourself a favor and stream Svbversvm in all its well-sharpened glory below:

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