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Happy Weekend! Toro y Moi Just Dropped 17 New Tracks for Free

The collection's called 'Samantha.' Thanks buddy!
August 28, 2015, 8:28pm

Woah, this afternoon Toro y Moi dropped 17 new tracks and they're available for exactly zero cents right here. Samantha, as he's calling the collection, features the likes of Kool AD, Rome Fortune, Nosaj Thing, Shore, and Washed Out. The Washed Out song, "Want," works a doomy R&B vibe and features an extended conversation between Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams in The Notebook. "What do you want!?" shouts Gosling as Noah. Just you Gosling, just you. Sorry. Sidetracked.

Some tunes are just glitchy, ambient sounds swatches, like collection closer "Welp, Tour's Over," some are more explicitly hip-hop influenced like "Driving Day," and plenty of the tracks are smothered in vocals that pitch-shift and bend like Gumby. It's a bit like flicking through a really rad selection of AM radio stations all in a row and it's another 250 mile step away from the pastel swathes of his 2010 debut, Causers of This.

But who is Samantha? Anyone know?

Answers on Twitter please.