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Ladyfingaz's Video "Zipcar" Will Encourage You to Get the Hell Outta Dodge

"Turns out, people think it's pretty radical to hear a female artist rapping about eating pussy…" Say what?

It's the official last week of the summer. It's your duty to get the hell outta here. Grab your crew! Go to the beach! Go anywhere! This isn't an advertisement for Zipcar, although the song does espouse the delights of both the nifty car service and women in general. Sample lyric: "Pussy like a tight maze / And I'm David Bowie in your labyrinth getting lost for days."

Yeah you read that right. Honestly, the middle eight rap that contains these lyrics is our favorite bit. Not least because during this segment the visuals recall the tragic gas station scene in Zoolander, except Ladyfingaz is busy motorboating her pal's buttocks. Ah, yes, Ladyfingaz. She's a Brooklyn-based musician and comedian, who also goes by the name Jude Dry, and this song was very much inspired by real life (although we doubt she ended up making out with a mermaid, but hey, maybe Splash is real. Let's keep the dream alive). "I first recorded this song in a hot bedroom studio in Dumbo after a day at the beach in a Zipcar with a friend," Ladyfingaz explains. "I knew the hook was golden as soon as anyone who heard it couldn't stop singing it. For the rap, I can only speak from the heart about something I truly love: pussy. Turns out, people think it's pretty radical to hear a female artist rapping about eating pussy. Sure, it's slightly objectifying, but feminism says women can do whatever men do, right? The video is my fantasy of a perfect day spent making new friends and meeting a beautiful mermaid. It was written, produced, directed, and edited by badass women. Fantasies do come true!"


"Zipcar" is the first track Ladyfingaz forthcoming EP and it's a collaboration with Luke Woods of Young & Sick.

Ladyfingaz has a monthly residence at The Mae Mae Cafe in NYC. The next show is 9.30.