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Avicii’s Collaboration Album with Dad Rock Artists Will be Hilarious

But it's not the weirdest pairing of artists in the world...


The other day, in an interview with Rolling Stone, it was announced that Avicii had added to his usual co-star roll call of Logic and a Macbook Pro by enlisting the help of musicians with actual instruments.

The use of musicians is not surprising; electronic artists like Bonobo use live instrumentation and Skrillex released an album featuring people like Chance the Rapper and Kid Harpoon. It’s natural that Avicii wants to evolve – but it’s his choice of sidekick that is as perplexing as the time Walkers decided to release Vanilla flavour Monster Munch.


The album will feature: 52 year-old mullet-loving denim fan Jon Bon Jovi, former Fugee Wyclef Jean, consciously uncoupled champion Chris Martin, and Serj Tankian from System of a Down. He’s also recorded a track with Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong called “No Pleasing A Woman”.

Now – if that list sounds like the line-up to the world’s most target-less festival, then imagine what condensing it into a 50-minute LP will sound like. And, perhaps even more confusingly, who’ll actually buy it? I’ve had the somewhat debatable pleasure of sitting through a Jon Bon Jovi gig and I can tell you now there’s not a whole lot of crossover between the over-aged manic Bon Jovi fans and the Swedish star’s pilled up Tomorrowland attendees.

The inevitable clusterfuck that will be Avicii’s LP might not be out for a while yet but he’s not the first artist to indulge in a strange music hook-up. Here’s a selection of some that've been swimming around in the nether regions of my brain for the last few years…

Avicii & Incubus’s Mike Einziger – “Wake Me Up”