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PREMIERE: Fall Into A Hypnotic Trance With Doomsquad's "Solar Ass"

Want to hear a love song about a donkey?
February 15, 2016, 3:00pm

Sometimes song titles that have the world "Ass" in them don't have to be overtly sexual. Doomsquad, a sibling trio from Toronto, makes non convential music that's about a different kind of ass: donkeys. The track "Solar Ass" is off of their upcoming album Total Time that's coming out later this spring. The unearthly meditative dance track features desonant vocalization and techno loops that hang on the strand of buzzing bass lines and collection of drums that create an intoxicating loop of atmopsheric immersion. "Solar Ass" is a track that you can reflect on, or just dance to.


"'Solar Ass’ was written as a love song to a donkey, a song for paying respect to the smaller, under appreciated elements that carry us through our contemporary lives," explains Jaclyn Blumas. Total Time is out April 29th on Bella Union & Hand Drawn Dracula.

Byron Yan is a writer based in Toronto. Follow him on Twitter.