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Gameface Are Back with a New Song After a Decade Hiatus

Hello, Revelation Records nostalgia, our old friend.
February 7, 2014, 3:54pm

Photo: Kip Terry

There was always something lovable about the late 90s Revelation Records band, Gameface. Maybe it was the fact that they had a 7-foot-tall linebackeresque guitarist who scared the living shit out of us. Or a bassist who, if you caught his goatee in just the right light while standing in the back of the venue, kinda looks like Scott Ian. Or maybe it was just Jeff Caudill’s lyrics which rode the cool/sappy line just right. ("We're just a band, we like to kick out the jams, so get out of the way!”) Whatever it was, they were the underdogs of underdogs.

But the LA band disappeared for over a decade, parting ways after their 2003 album, Four To Go. But now, like their label brethren Texas is the Reason and Judge, Gameface have returned with new material. They are set to release their sixth and wonderfully redundantly titled album Now Is What Matters Now via Equal Vision. Listen to a new song from it, “Swing State,” below.

Gameface will also be at SXSW and have just announced that they’ll be playing the main stage at Groezrock as well. So pre-order Gameface’s new album (wow, when was the last time you heard someone say that?) right here.