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SXSW Fan Injured in Car Crash Gets Private Hospital Performance From Favorite Band

Aw, it's not all bad down there.

With all the kvetching and moaning from music writers it's easy to forget that South by Southwest is a place where plain ol' music fans go for a week of sonic overload, seeing bands until the wee hours of the morning without worrying about filing some usable copy by deadline. That's what Mason Endres was there to do before she became an injury casualty in the drunk driving incident that killed two and injured 22. Confined to a bed after sustaining a fractured neck along with a broken nose and leg, she was prepared to sit the rest of the festival out… until one of her favorite bands, Jared & The Mill, decided to throw a private performance for her in the hospital.


The band, who'd struck up a correspondence with Mason on social media after meeting her at last year's SXSW, had been talking to her before the show. After finding out that she'd been involved in the accident, they grabbed their instruments and got to playing. There's a video, which you can watch above, and the report from the Austin American-Statesman is fairly heartwarming. It's nice to see that not everything at SXSW is a Lovecraftian hellscape, regardless of what Twitter says.

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Jeremy Gordon wonders if Jared's last name is "Mill." (It's Kolesar, apparently?) He's on Twitter. - @jeremypgordon