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Fly High with Moon Honey's "Boy Magic"

Is this the sonic equivalent to sunshine?

Photo by Jessi Arnold

Well, here's some perfect music for Tuesday afternoon. Coming from the swamps of the south—or, more accurately, Baton Rouge, Lousiana—Moon Honey is here with some cotton candy for your appetite. The band, made up of guitarist Andrew Martin and vocalist Jessica Ramsey and who are produced by Deerhoof's Greg Saunier, are premeiring their latest "Boy Magic," which Noisey is streaming below. The track is a whirlwind of indie pop, recalling a blend of the Dirty Projectors and Bjork in a way that, to these ears, actually sounds like sunshine, casting shadows hidden behind chaotic strings. This is a summer afternoon at the park. This is the moment before you first kiss someone. This is asking someone to dance at a wedding. We're so happy right now our faces hurt from smiling. Stream it below.