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Get Your Doom Groove on With "Sign of the Witch," the Title Track on Orchid's Upcoming New EP

The West Coast Black Sabbath worshippers are back.

Photo courtesy of Nuclear Blast

With the announcement of a brand-new Pentagram album still cooling gently on our social media feeds, you'd think that the appearance of a new song from a younger 70s-inspired hard rock outfit (fronted by a significantly less eldritch singer) wouldn't warrant much attention. You'd probably be right, too, if we were talking about anyone but Orchid.

All's been quiet on the Orchid front since their last release, 2014's The Zodiac Sessions, but judging from this first cut of new material, they've spent that downtime honing their chops, easing up on the Sabbath worship, and letting their minds wander. The West Coast riff-swingers have just released the title track for their forthcoming new EP, Sign of the Witch, and it's a banger. "Sign of the Witch" is a nice, heavy slab of proto-doom that'll satisfy your Pentagram cravings… and leave you wanting more Orchid.

Sign Of The Witch is out July 17th via Nuclear Blast Records; listen to the title track below.