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Angel Haze - "Werkin Girls" (Official Video)

Angel gets her Wolverine swag on in the dark new video for "Werkin Girls".
October 10, 2012, 5:30pm

*EXCLUSIVE KLAXON* Here's the brand new video for Angel Haze's "Werkin Girls" track, from her much lauded mixtape Reservation. The 21-year-old has pretty much bodied the rap game this year, proving herself to be one of the main players in the resurgence of take-no-shit female rappers.

The video, by NY-based BRTHR films, places Haze in a creepy warehouse, warding off some even creepier abductors, as she raps with a snarl while brandishing some massive Wolverine style claws. I wouldn't wanna fuck with her.

Directed by Alex Lee and Kyle Wightman BRTHR