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Fall in Love with Creepers’ Creepy “Take You There”

Check out the new video featuring 40% of Deafheaven

I’ve needed Creepers for a while, without knowing it.

When a new band is not just good/hummable/hooky but fills a void in your musical universe, it’s a wonderful thing. Creepers’ romantic garage-psych hits an array of sweet spots with something I can only describe as forward-thinking nostalgia, at once resonating with peak moments of innocence while sounding utterly modern. This is the soundtrack to autumn crushes, past, present, and future.

The video for first single, “Take You There,” off of upcoming debut LP, Lush, uses their native San Francisco as the backdrop for a freak bard manipulated by a voodoo sorceress into some sort of psychotic break between his lazy busking sessions. It’s a pocket Jodorowsky film, its charms in kind with the band’s.

Aside from drummer Dan Tracy’s monstrous opening drum fill, you wouldn’t know that he and guitarist/vocalist Shiv Mehra are 2/5ths of post-black-metal giants, Deafheaven. While their day job certainly draws on pop, Creepers has different bones in its skeleton. Whereas Deafheaven blend gobs of triumphant emo chords into their palette, Creepers are more of a masculine take on the deep dreaminess of Cocteau Twins or a tighter, heavier iteration of early MBV. And while “Take You There” is heavy, there’s hardly a trace of metal in its bones (though its recommended you play this loudly).

Say hello to your new obsession. Put Creepers on repeat until at least December.