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Watch Clairmont the Second's Darkly Surreal Mini-Movie "A Declaration"

"This is the darkest thing I've done and at the same time one of the realest."
June 3, 2016, 4:43pm

Photo via Soundcloud

Clairmont the Second has upped the game for Toronto rap visuals with his latest video, a 5-minute short film and song suite called "A Declaration." The self-directed video follows Clairmont and a group of friends as they go for a night drive, joking around and roasting each other… until things suddenly go south in a very surreal way. Throughout, Clairmont displays ambition and confidence ("I got the juice like I'm throwing Tupac off the roof") that's stunning for someone still making their come-up.

"This is the darkest thing I've done and at the same time one of the realest," explains Clairmont. "I wanted to create something that has people asking questions, I also didn't want this video to be just a music video. I wanted this to be a movie; my homies Jorden Lee & Shot By Shakes helped me get my vision on screen. This film is ultimately about letting go of the past and moving on into something better."

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