Give Thanks, YG's 'Still Brazy' is Streaming Right Now

The Compton rapper's second LP wasn't supposed to drop until Friday but... surprise?!
June 15, 2016, 2:16pm

In the two years since Compton's YG dropped My Krazy Life, there's been plenty to keep up with. He was the executive producer, writer and star of the short film Blame It On The Streets back in 2014 and he dropped the hugely impressive soundtrack to the film alongside it. Then, this time last year, he was shot three times at a studio in LA. He said he was "hard to kill" and kept pushing on with a new album. He even sat down with a therapist while the Noisey cameras ran to talk the event through.


At mignight last night, he dropped the result of all this, the long awaited Still Brazy, two days ahead of its scheduled release date. Singles “Twist My Fingaz,” “Why You Always Hatin?” and the anthemic “Fuck Donald Trump” are all on the 17-track album. There are guest appearances from Drake, Lil Wayne, Dr Dre, Ty Dolla $ign, Nipsey Hussle and a bunch of others, too. On first listen, though, tracks like “Word is Bond,” “Still Brazy,” and “Police Get Away wit Murder” are precisely the sort of huge standouts we were hoping for.

Dive into the record at Apple Music and, yes, be grateful.

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