Planning for Burial Channels New Order's Icy Post-Punk on New Track "As a Lover"

Stream Thom Wasluck's latest bid for gloom supremacy, courtesy of The Native Sound.
June 15, 2016, 6:54pm

Photo courtesy of the artist Planning for Burial is known for bastardizing various genres—from slowcore to black metal to drone to shoegaze to goth—in its pursuit of gloom, but the one-man project's latest release bucks with tradition and goes full post-punk. The single song, single-sided seven-inch (out soon via the Native Sound) sees creator Thom Wasluck embrace his love of New Order and crank up the AC to churn out some seriously cold, poppy vibes on "As a Lover."


As Wasluck explained to Noisey, "I never set out to write a record, they normally happen over time as I write and work on songs as I go about my life. With "As A Lover" I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone and write something more "song" orientated. The result clearly shows my love of Movement-era New Order, where they were still raw and got to the point but also had such knack for melody."

Listen to "As a Lover" below, and cop the (very limited) physical release from The Native Sound before they're gone.