Watch Justin Bieber Perform "Love Yourself" at The iHeartRadio Awards Instead of The Junos

Biebs has a bigger purpose than Canadian awards shows. Namely, physical fitness.
April 4, 2016, 2:02pm

Photo via Instagram For all intents and purposes, the 2016 Juno Awards went well. Canadian sensation The Weeknd racked up a whole bunch of awards, there were a bunch of Tim Hortons commercials, and Justin Bieber won the Fan Choice Award—which as we know, is a rare feat for someone of Bieber's stature. So to show his appreciation, instead of actually showing up to the award show, the pop sensation sent a video of himself boxing, yes boxing, backstage at an unknown venue.


Being the man of integrity he is, Bieber decides to stop his clearly strenuous training to say barely three sentences to thank his fans with his gloves still strapped to his hands and with a single bead of sweat dripping from his Clearasil face. Why was Bieber not at the Junos, you ask? Oh, because Bieber was having fun

at another even less significant award show; the iHeartRadio Awards.

Now in Bieber's defense, he's probably still salty about being booed at the 2014 Junos and is far too successful to endure the boos from a bunch of ex-Calgary Stampeders players, this year so why not iHeartRadio.

Debuting his blonde dreads and gold chain, the Biebs performed "Love Yourself" and "Company" to all his real fans. You know, the ones who aren't being held hostage by TD Canada Trust. He even takes a member of the audience to dance with him awkwardly for like 10 seconds. Watch dread-head Justin perform below.

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