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Drag Culture and Hong Kong Nightlife Collide on Mind Enterprises' "Give Me Light"

The video stars Hong Kong legend La Chiquitta, and is a shimmering electro-pop gem.

This article originally appeared on Noisey UK

Everybody knows that getting ready for a night out is usually way more fun than the night out itself, and in Mind Enterprises’ new video for his shimmering, electro-pop gem “Give Me Light”, we see this idea played out magically. Starring Hong Kong drag legend La Chiquitta, the effervescent clip (which was directed by Margot Bowman) sees the gradual transformation from shower to make-up to dance floor to sunrise.

“In the video we meet a drag queen in Hong Kong and follow her as she gets ready on Friday night, on her path to a great time and to put the stresses and anxiety of her week behind her,” Mind Enterprises told us. “She’s like all of us; getting ready, putting on a show then starting all over again – looking for love, escapism and fulfilment in places outside ourselves that don’t always provide them.”

Watch it exclusively below:

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