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Premiere: Xan Young's "Passion" is the Latest Addition to Your Sexytime Playlist

Who knew getting friend-zoned could be so sultry?
November 17, 2015, 5:00pm

Xan Young is the solo debut of Matt Young, known best for heading up electronic outfit Body Language and collaborating with Vacationer. If the former's self-described genre is "sex," then Xan Young could very well be described as "sex concentrate." The project strips away some of Body Language's gauzy synth layers and harmonies in favor of fat basslines and Young's unadultered, yearning falsetto.

"There's pleasure in the pain," Young croons on lead single "Passion." "We had affection / But you couldn't handle passion." It's just about the sexiest ode to getting friend-zoned we've ever heard, a love jam loaded with heat and pressure.

Like the tune itself, the song's Jake Robbins and Rahil Ashruff-directed video is an elegantly minimal exercise in tension, following a woman running through the woods before she relents to two mysterious figures in red cloakes. Watch it below and check out Xan Young's Passion EP out now on Astronautico.

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