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Tyrese Asks the Hard Questions: Is This Passed Out Homeless Woman Sleeping on R&B?

C'mon, son.

Actor, painter, singer and aurthur Tyrese Gibson is pushing a new album this week, one of the first for the music industry's new global Friday release, and as is ever the case with Tyrese, the longer you let him talk, the more likely he is to do something foolish. Here is that foolish statement. In a video posted to Instagram, Gibson muses about the state of modern R&B over the body of a passed out homeless woman. "We have a bunch of people sleeping on R&B," he says, holding up a copy of the new album. "This is what R&B looks like. Hello?" The video's below.


Maybe fork over some of that Transformers and Fast and the Furious money and shoot a video of yourself buying the homeless a warm meal instead of using them for album promo. Maybe stop complaining about the plight of "real singers" just because your records aren't the ones everyone's buying. Maybe hand over your social media passwords to someone who doesn't make an ass of themselves at every bend of the road. Maybe quietly stick to being Vin Diesel's comic relief for a while. Maybe pump out more jams about running trains with Tank and Ginuwine. Do anything but this.

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