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PREMIERE: Justin Rose Gets Wavy Across the Globe in "World Tour"

A tour of every sound and feeling.

Justin Rose is an artist and producer out of Queens, New York who really wants you to move. He's set to release his upcoming mixtape Water White, which approaches and thoroughly distorts the boundaries of R&B, hip-hop, soul, and whatever the fuck he's up to next. His new song "World Tour"—which you heard on the Noisey Beats 1 radio show over the weekend and we're streaming online below—from the mixtape is an indication of what that genre mayhem sounds like in action. Rose's voice flows between rap verses, and auto-tune drenched singing. The beat by babyxwater combines an all-encompassing synth line, interrupted by huge drum kicks and clicks. At multiple times throughout the song, the beat will seemingly get pulled out from under the listener, to come back into a new form that Justin Rose captures the perfect balance between packing a song filled with intricacies, and one that's just about getting real fucking lit.


Of the song, Rose says "The song is about the reality of dealing with girls while being on the road sometimes. This is just a song for the girl who you meet in a city and she just admire you, your music, the lifestyle and wants to be a part of the adventure. Just something wavy for people living that life."

Listen to the song below, and catch Justin Rose playing SOBs in New York City as part of BET's Music Matters showcase tomorrow, January 12.